Zorn, Wut und Trauer

26.09.2022 07:20

Die Nachricht, die ich gestern am Abend von meiner Freundin Justyna aus Korinth bekommen habe, möchte ich Euch nicht vorenthalten. Sie macht mich zutiefst traurig, wütend und zornig. Bitte meldet Euch bei mir, falls Ihr helfen wollt oder jemanden wisst, der helfen könnte.

I would like to give you a small update from the situation in the camp.
We are in process of checking the procedures regarding food truck. As everything in Greece there are a lot of papers to complete like permissions and concessions. All of that can be started after purchasing the food truck as this all is about the car like registration, checking if the car meets all sanitary requirements, permission to sell food, etc. To do this we need car first and then to start all the procedures.
In the meantime there is another case I can now tell a bit more about. Some time ago family from Pakistan emailed me:

Dear Madam,
I'm writing this to you after seeing your page on Facebook, one of my nephews named Umair Azhar is arrested and detained in Korinthos refugee camp in Greece since more than one year now. Can you please help us for his release or his deportation from Greece to Pakistan??
His parents are dying with their son's detention and can't do anything except praying for him.
I know it’s not your job/duty to answer this request but still I'm writing this with hope faith that someone can help us in this regard.
Kind Regards
Babar Sharif

I got in touch with this family and also with refugee what was not so easy as he didn't speak any English just Urdu. But I have friend from Afghanistan who also speaks Urdu so he translated. It’s turned out in closed part of Korinthos camp- detention centre 1000 refugees without papers are imprisoned. I knew about it before as I know there is detention centre next to the camp. But as there is no contact with this people I was not able to find out more. Few times some families contacted me to deliver some goods to particular refugees there and I did but the goods are delivered on the gate to the guards. They check it very carefully and then pass it to the refugees. So I was never able to speak to any of them other than through WhatsApp to find out if they got the package. Around one year ago two people there suicide because of unknown date of release as this date was constantly postponed.
After some research I found out there is amount of refugees kept in detention centre, without trial, without any information what will happen to them. Without any date given of release. Soo they basically sit there not knowing what are they waiting for and when it will finish. I got a lawyer for this particular family. I spoke to about other refugees also but unfortunately every single case must be started individually. If there will be proofs or Greek state keeping people there illegally then the case can be transferred to human rights groups and public can be informed. To start the case lawyer is taking 500e. I already did 4 cases and all won in the open camp. All families are accepted for asylum after previous 2 rejections and already started new life in Germany or Switzerland.
My request for help is: if you know any lawyers that will to work pro bono for at least few refugee cases. I know this are not so easy cases but mostly is to push Greek state to do what they should do anyway and to watch if the law is respected. It does not require too much paperwork from the lawyer. Just lawyer must be a bit pain in the ass to get the information he should get anyway. The most comfortable would be someone from Korinthos area or Athens. As lawyer must come here to the camp. Please let me know if you know anyone as this would be huge help because law cases cost a lot of money.
Best regards
Justyna Idzik




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