Dankschreiben aus Athen

08.08.2020 05:02

we at Khora would like to say a big thank you for donating your products. Whilst we recognize the importance of necessary donations, receiving products which are not the ‘essentials’ is such an important and human aspect of standing with the people who use our services. We feel that having access to things such as school books, pens and chocolate (!) , as well as top quality food rather than just the basics helps to show the level of equality we hope to achieve.
We have stocked our Free Shop with your products, and we look forward to cooking with the food you sent us. Some of our Italian volunteers are already planning the meal to cook with the beautiful looking pasta you sent us.
We hope you are well and keeping safe in your part of the world.
Very best.
All of us at Khora.


Georgios Theodosios Trompeter Buchenstraße 24
A-4523 Neuzeug
0043 680 2356778 o_trompeter@yahoo.de